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A Long Night Ahead

Input text: 
a 1st 40% shiny blue donkey. the ground is invisible. a small dull tv is in front of the donkey. it faces the donkey. the tv is on a small table. sky leans to the front. a 2nd 40% shiny blue donkey is left of the donkey. it faces the tv. a 3rd 40% shiny blue donkey is right of the 1st donkey. it face the tv. sun is purple. a very tiny light is behind and -1 foot above the tv.
Nanook (11/4/2020) 
You totally captured it!! Salty dogs were the 'valium' of the night. :-)
nheiges (11/4/2020) 
Had to look that up - I've never had one. Sounds good! I had some wine, but it seemed to make my anxiety worse. I woke up about once every hour or two and checked my phone, for all the good it did.
hedgehog1965 (11/5/2020) 
Could be a long week...
Nanook (11/6/2020) 
Here we are going into the wee hours of Friday and it's not called yet, and unfortunately even then it won't be called until you know who and his lawyers have their final say. take a deep breath and hang on!
nheiges (11/6/2020) 
We've had an interesting side drama going on as we watch the Georgia results come in. We've just flipped from leaning red to leaning blue. The percentages right now are even and it's down to a handful of votes!
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