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I'm Dreaming of a Grey Christmas

Input text: 
25% shiny blue image-15680 backdrop. image-15680 sky. A 20% dark grey tree. A large 40% dark 70% grey man is left of and -12 feet above the tree. He is leaning 30 degrees to the back. He is facing southeast. A crow is 1 foot left of and -2 feet above the tree. It is leaning front. It is facing southwest. A huge fence is behind and -27 feet above and -5 feet left of the man. It is leaning 25 degrees to the back. A 9 feet high dark grey marble bust is -2.4 feet right of the fence. It is leaning 40 degrees to the back. It is -1 foot above the ground.
108 (Created on: IOS)
nheiges (11/6/2020) 
wonderful scene, but a sad prospect
hedgehog1965 (11/7/2020) 
At least it looks like you’re going to get a blue Christmas. Left/right colours are reversed here; I’d rather our Christmas was red!
watcher570 (11/7/2020) 
if we have a Christmas!
Nanook (11/7/2020) 
I feel for you, I think millions of Americans could say that along with me.
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