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in boughs

Input text: 
1st invisible marble is on ground. 1st shiny silver tree is 1 inch in 1st marble. it is 20 feet tall. 1st [pattern] raven is 10 feet above and 2 feet in front of 1st marble. it is 2 feet tall. 1st gold light is 3 inches in front of 1st raven. 1st pink light is 1 inch above 1st raven. 1st green light is 1 inch above 1st marble. 2nd gold light is .1 inch in front of 1st raven. 1st purple light is 1 foot in 1st raven. 1st bright white light is 3 inches in 1st raven. ground is silver. 2nd bright pink light is -0.1 inch in 1st raven.
cemurp (2020) 
every day i set out to illuminate a clear object and every day i fail and slap a pattern on it
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Gives a nice illusion of illumination though
watcher570 (2020) 
very nice!
nheiges (2020) 
it is luminous, though :-)
mohapn15 (2020) 
Illuminating conversation...
tane69 (2020) 
Nanook (2020) 
Refreshingly de-LIGHT-ful :-)
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