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1st invisible marble is on ground. ground is 66 foot tall [texture]. 1st shiny black knight is 1 foot above 1st marble. it is 6 inches tall. 2nd shiny black knight is 1 inch north of 1st knight. it leans north. it is 4 inches tall. 3rd shiny black knight is 1 inch north of 2nd knight. it leans west. 4th silver knight is 10 inches north of 1st marble. it is upside down. it is -6 inches in ground. 1st silver house is 11 inches tall. it is 1 inch in 1st marble. it is night. camera light is pink. 1st blue light is 1 inch below 4th knight.
Contrast, Brightness, Brightness
Nanook (11/8/2020) 
Extremely cool!
nheiges (11/8/2020) 
wow, awesome!
watcher570 (11/9/2020) 
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