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Input text: 
ground is shiny black. 1 foot tall first wave is 4 inch in ground. a white hand is 1 inch above wave. hand is facing right. hand is facing up. hand is leaning 55 degrees to left. big shiny first feather is -10 inch above hand and -0.65 foot to right. feather is leaning 69 degrees to back. feather is -0.25 foot to front. feather is 1 foot wide [texture]. birdbath is 4 foot behind wave and -2 foot to right. birdbath is 0.1 inch in ground. birdbath is shiny black. 0.7 foot tall second wave is 1 inch in birdbath and -1 foot to back. wave is -1.6 foot to left. tiny [texture] bulb syringe is 0.05 foot left of hand and -0.14 foot below hand. small shiny [texture] ghost is 0.2 foot above hand. ghost is upside down. ghost is facing back. big shiny black coffee cake is 4 foot behind first wave and 3 foot to left. coffee cake is 2 inch in ground. small [marble] cat is -1 inch above coffee cake. cat is facing east. small skull is -1 foot in front of wave and -1 foot to right. skull is leaning 105 degrees to left. skull is 0.5 inch in ground. small flower is -2 inch in front of skull and -0.18 foot to left. flower is facing down. flower is -0.1 inch above ground. flower is leaning 15 degrees to front. black small second feather is 0.1 foot in front of first wave and -2.2 foot to left. second feather is leaning 50 degrees to left. second feather is 0.1 inch above ground. sun is old gold. ambient light is slate gray.
Scene credits:
wave (Vignette)
zamchick (2020) 
Love your sense of design
KAWE (2020) 

cemurp (2020) 
always in awe of how much u can put in and still have it correctly render
Nanook (2020) 
always a story to be told! :-)
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Nice - your scenes make me think of artists like Dali, Magritte and de Chirico
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