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a white first mannequin. sword is -0.5 foot in front of mannequin and 4 foot above ground. sword is -1.38 foot to left. sword is leaning 15 degrees to right. first big white wing is -7 inch right of mannequin and 4.4 foot above ground. wing is facing back. wing is leaning 8 degrees to left. second big white wing is -14 inch right of mannequin and -0.4 foot behind mannequin. second wing is 4.4 foot above ground. second wing is facing back. second wing is leaning 20 degrees to left. sword's cutting blade is silver. a small python is on small table. python is 15% reflective 6 foot wide [purple]. table is 3 foot left of mannequin and 3 foot to front. first shiny 0.6 foot wide first [pattern] sphere is -1 foot left of python and -1 foot to front. 0.5 foot wide second shiny [pattern] sphere is -0.8 foot right of python and -0.6 foot to front. 9 foot tall and 10 foot wide curtain is 8 feet behind mannequin and -9 feet to left. curtain's rod is gold. curtain's curtain is azure blue. a 5.5 foot tall [nature] second mannequin is 4 foot behind table and -5.5 foot to right. small shiny black first pedestal is 1 inch behind curtain and -6 inch left of curtain. small shiny black second pedestal is 8 foot left of first pedestal. 1.3 foot tall skull is on first pedestal. small white vase is on second pedestal. 1.6 foot tall lavender blossom is 1 foot in vase. 13 foot wide common ivy is -2 foot left of curtain and 4 feet above ground. 10 foot tall first window is 1 foot behind second pedestal and -3 foot to left. 10 foot tall second window is -1 inch right of first window. 10 foot tall third window is -1 inch right of second window. ground is [dirt]. 9 foot tall double door is 1 inch behind curtain. double door's door is 15% reflective pistachio green. 30 foot wide floor is -3 inch in front of second window and -20 foot to right. floor is 5% reflective 5 foot wide [texture]. camera light is old gold. sun is dusty rose. slate gray light is 2 foot above python.
nheiges (2020) 
love the way you're using the mannequin postures. intriguing scene!
Nanook (2020) 
very expressive !
hedgehog1965 (2020) 
Great room construction too
watcher570 (2020) 
good one!
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