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Last Sunset of the Year
Inspired by this beautiful image: https://www.weathernationtv.com/news/utqiagviks-final-sunset-of-2020/

Input text: 
backdrop is beach. a 3 foot wide and 3 foot deep and .1 foot tall train set faces back. it is .2 foot wide [pavement]. a .3 foot tall white building is behind and right of the train set. it faces the train set. a .1 foot tall white truck is left of the building. it faces the building. shadow plane is invisible. sun is 80% dark dodger blue. the roof of the building is white. ambient light is dim silver.
Brightness, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness
watcher570 (5days) 
nice colours!
nheiges (4days) 
thanks :-)
Nanook (4days) 
Ahh yes, the good ole days :-)...makes me homesick for Alaska.
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