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by the streetlight

Input text: 
a road sign. 4 foot wide [stone] cube is 3 feet in front of road sign and 5 feet to right. cube is 3.9 foot in ground. boy is on cube and -3.5 foot to left. 12.2 foot long shiny folding gate is 0.5 foot behind road sign and -2.7 foot to left. pale seagull is 0.7 foot above boy and -0.5 foot to right. seagull is leaning 20 degrees to ground. 5 foot tall dark witch hazel is 3 feet behind boy and -0.1 foot to right. witch hazel is 1 inch in ground. ground is [grass]. 300 foot long and 300 foot wide [concrete] floor is 3 foot behind folding gate and -100 foot to right. floor is 3000 foot deep. floor is 1.32 inch in ground. tiny 20% reflective black currant office building is 110 feet behind folding gate and -60 feet to right. 1.5 foot tall white crucifix is -2.5 foot left of boy. crucifix is facing up. crucifix is facing southeast. ambient light is old gold. sun is anthracite gray. linen light is above boy and in front of boy. rose is -0.7 foot right of boy. rose is facing down. pale fox is 4 foot in front of road sign and -3.5 foot to left. fox is facing left. small shiny arrow is -0.5 foot above fox and -1.3 foot to left. arrow is -0.8 foot in front of fox. arrow is facing down. arrow is leaning 10 degrees to left. 1 foot wide bordeaux wine mauve first lake is -1.2 foot in front of fox and -1.5 foot to left. 6.5 foot tall streetlight is 2 foot in front of witch hazel and -4 foot to right. streetlight is facing back. 40 foot wide second lake is 40 foot behind cube and 0.1 inch in ground. lake is -20 foot to right. shiny car is 4 feet in lake. car is facing right. car is leaning 70 degrees to ground. 2.5 foot wide raven is -0.6 inch above road sign. 200 foot wide flat anthracite gray city block is -4 foot right of office building and -5 foot to back. city block is 5 foot in ground. 150 foot wide 50% dark volcano is 50 foot behind office building and -22 foot to right. 1 foot wide [s] compound object is 2 foot behind boy and 0.5 feet to left.
KAWE (11/21/2020) 
nheiges (11/21/2020) 
love the detail! makes me wonder about the story
hedgehog1965 (11/21/2020) 
Nicely done
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