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A small Thanksgiving this year

Input text: 
a plate is on a table. the table is in a kitchen. a food is on the plate. a 4 foot tall white chair is behind the table. a 4.5 foot tall person is sitting -.5 feet in front of the chair. her shirt is [blue]. it is noon.
Nanook (11/21/2020) 
The down side... no family and friends at the table, the upside...no family and friends at the table...more food for me :-DDD (as if I need it).
hedgehog1965 (11/22/2020) 
Just read about the upside for some takeaway restaurants too:

‘Thanksgiving To Go': Americans splash out on takeaways https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54938855
watcher570 (11/22/2020) 
a lonely one
nheiges (11/23/2020) 
It's a little depressing not to see the extended family, but the "more food for me" upside is an upside! :-D @hedgehog1965, that's good news for the local restaurants.
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