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Vignette — Keywords: sign, bar sign

Input text: 
1st 2 feet long and 8 inch tall and 1 inch deep silver plank. backdrop is white. 2nd 2 feet long and 8 inch tall and 1 inch deep clear plank is 2 inch in front of the 1st plank. a 1.7 feet long and 1 inch deep and 7 inch tall clear indigo "COCKTAILS" is -.1 inch in front of the 2nd plank. 3 violet lights are behind the 2nd plank. sky is white
mohapn15 (11/21/2020) 
Looking forward to seeing how this will be used - I get the sense cool scenes are incoming!
nheiges (11/21/2020) 
When I look at this, it's like I've already had a few cocktails :-) Me too, can't wait to see how this appears in a scene!
Nanook (11/21/2020) 
well unfortunately in this scene it didn't reflect quite the way I wanted although I think I know how to make it do that, problem is I ran up against my old nemesis...You render has timed out. :-( I will try again in a different scene.
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