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POTUS 45 leaves the White House

Input text: 
a [wh] backdrop.a 1st 25 inch tall soldier.a 24 inch tall donald is 5 inch in front of the 1st soldier.the 1st soldier is facing west.a 2nd 20 inch tall soldier is 5 inch in front of the donald.the 2nd soldier is facing west.a 3rd 23 inch tall soldier is 5 inch left of the donald.a 4th 23 inch tall soldier is 5 inch right of the donald.a 10 inch tall shiny gray harpy eagle is -1.8 inch above the donald.
Cracked paint, Saturation, Sharpen
watcher570 (11/22/2020) 
good one!
Nanook (11/22/2020) 
hopefully it won't require an escort
nheiges (10days) 
I doubt he'll leave with head bowed, but as long as he leaves
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