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The Utah Monolith

Input text: 
a cube.the cube is 2 inches deep.the cube is 2.5 feet wide.the cube is 12 feet tall.the cube is shiny metal.the sky is white.desert backdrop.a man is 2 feet in front of the cube.he is facing the cube.
Sharpen, Contrast
Nanook (11/25/2020) 
I read the headline but haven't read the full story...gonna have to do that
nheiges (11/25/2020) 
Cool image - I didn't know the story behind it. How weird and interesting!
hedgehog1965 (11/25/2020) 
First thing I thought of was “2001”, but then I saw this, which doesn’t feel very alien :-)

“In zoomed in photos of the structure, Reddit users noted there were lines by its base which suggested a rock saw had been used to put it in the ground and that it appeared to be held together with screws”
zamchick (11/25/2020) 
hey watcher570, you can't just go throwing your objects just anywhere!
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