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Show Me the Way to Go Home

Input text: 
A whisky glass. A 3 inch high man is -2.2 inch above the glass. Camera light is black. A yellow light is 2 inch right of and above and -10 inch in front of the glass. A blue light is 1 inch left of and above and in front of the glass. The sun is maroon. A dim green light is in front of the glass. A bottle is left of and behind the glass. A navy light is left of and above the bottle. An image-14697 flag is 1.5 feet in front of and -3 inch above the glass. The shirt of the man is dark green.
152 (Created on: IOS)
nheiges (11/28/2020) 
Looks like you're already there :-)
hedgehog1965 (11/29/2020) 
Yes, I’d just made myself at home in a 15 yr old bottle :-)
Nanook (11/29/2020) 
I like the sound of that particular route :-)
watcher570 (12/1/2020) 
I had a little drink about a hour ago :-)
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