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Forest Rescue

Input text: 
a 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall wood cube is on a 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep [wood] table.. a 6 feet wide clear sphere is -1 feet above the cube. a 2 feet tall martini is -4 feet above the sphere. a honeydew light is 2 inch above the martini. the sky is trail. a celery green light is 1 inch in front of and -1 feet above the martini. a cyan light is -1 inch left of and 2 inch above the martini. camera light is dim. a marble is -1.6 feet above and 1 inch left of the cube. a huge [hair] mouse is -1.5 feet above and -19 inch behind and -27.5 inch left of the table. it faces left. a pink light is on the mouse. a red light is right of and -8 inch above the martini. a wildebeest is 1 feet left of and 1 feet behind the table. sun's azimuth is 50 degrees. sun's altitude is 60 degrees. sun is peach. bud green light is left of the marble. a 1.3 feet tall fairy is -4 inch right of the martini. the fairy faces southwest. 3.6 feet tall lightning bolt is -3.6 feet above and -1 feet left of the sphere. it faces northwest. it leans 45 degrees to the left. a very large praying mantis is -1 feet above and -1.4 feet in front of the wildebeest. it leans back. a large [texture] gavel is -13 inch above and -10 inch in front of and -8 inch left of the praying mantis. it faces the left. it leans 65 degrees to the right. a granny smith green light is on the gavel. a large [texture] dragonfly is 8 inch above the wildebeest. it leans 30 degrees to the back.
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Scene credits:
nheiges (11/30/2020) 
Is it the fairy or the cocktail that's being rescued? :-) Great scene! Love the cracked glass.
Nanook (11/30/2020) 
Haha, I actually started out with an entirely different idea that morphed into this. I may try to do the other one still...until then I will let you decide :-) OOPs I accidently like my own scene, we need a way to edit that :-ZZ
hedgehog1965 (11/30/2020) 
That's one muscly mantis :-)
watcher570 (12/1/2020) 
great scene!
Nanook (12/1/2020) 
thanks :-)
tane69 (12/1/2020) 
nice colours
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