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keep away from the parakeet!

Input text: 
a man.a parakeet is -9 inches above the man.it is right of the man.the parakeet is -8 inches right of the man.it is -25.2 inches in front of the man.room backdrop.a cat is in front of the man.it is facing the man.a cage is left of the cat.a red light is in front of the man.
nheiges (12/8/2020) 
Nanook (12/9/2020) 
Where is the parakeet?
watcher570 (12/10/2020) 
@Nanook the parakeet is on the mans shoulder :-)
hedgehog1965 (12/10/2020) 
My mam had a budgie that used to sit on her shoulder while she played cards (and occasionally help pick them out for her!)
Nanook (12/11/2020) 
Oh I see it now :-)
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