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The end of the longest year
Hoping for a brighter 2021! Leaving the dark ages of 2020 behind!

Input text: 
The outhouse is 2 feet left of the robot. The party guest is 1.5 feet to the right of the robot. The robot is facing southeast. The time backdrop. The man is 2 feet to the left of the outhouse. The red "2020" is 2 feet above the outhouse and 0.25 foot to the left. A table is 0.25 foot in front of the party guest. the food tray is on the table. The orange "--*" is 3 feet to the right of "2020". The green "2021" is 3 feet to the right of the "--*".
💰party guest
nheiges (12/20/2020) 
let's hope so!
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