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You'll feel a slight pinch
could they make it look a bit less ominous?

Input text: 
the [vaccine] backdrop. the monster. the grey hand is in front and -2.4 feet above the monster. it is 1.4 inches to the right of the monster. it is leaning 95 degrees to the right. the hypodermic needle is -2 inches above the hand. it is leaning 90 degrees to the left. it is -4.5 inches to the left of the hand.
💰space alien
Other object credits:
zamchick (12/22/2020) 
Part of the televised display of vaccinations should be REDUCING the anxiety associated with it. The way they are doing it doesn't cut it.
Nanook (12/22/2020) 
I suppose but the possible alternative would require even more draconian measures.
zamchick (12/23/2020) 
that's true @nanook
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