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Thump, Scratch, Scratch...Let Me In Already
When Bailey is through with her nightly hunt she looks in the window of the door as she clings with her paws.

Input text: 
a beige door. backdrop is night. a 3 feet tall and 2.7 feet wide and 3 inch deep sage green curtain is -3.3 feet above and in front of the door. a metal door knob is -3.7 feet above and -5 inch left of and in front of the door. a cat is -3.9 feet above and -7 inch behind and -2.5 feet left of the door. a yellow light is -2 inch in front of and -2 inch above the cat. the cat leans 43 degrees to the back. the collar of the cat is white. 1st sandy rose wall is left of the door. 2nd sandy rose wall is right of the door. 1st cabinet is 6 inch left of and in front of the door. the top of the cabinet is [metal]. 2nd cabinet is 2 feet above the 1st cabinet. the camera light is dim. the sun is black. 2 sky blue lights are behind and 6 inch left of and 3 inch above the cat. a marmalade light is 3 feet in front of and 5 feet left of and -3 feet above the door. a electric outlet is -1 feet right of and -4 feet above and in front of the 1st wall. a blender is -1.5 feet right of and -1.2 feet behind and on the 1st cabinet. The base of the blender is shiny [metal].
Contrast, Sharpen
nheiges (2020) 
how cute! :-) and very nice lighting!
Nanook (2020) 
thanks :-)
watcher570 (2021) 
My cat does this as well and when I let her in she demands a treat straight away! :-)
Nanook (2021) 
Oh that is funny to hear there is another one out there that has this habit including the treat :-DD
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