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The Donnybrook

Input text: 
1st person is -5.5 feet above and -4 feet in front of a invisible boxing ring . 2nd person is left of person. he faces the person. 3rd person is 5 feet behind and left of the person. he faces southwest. a 4th person is east of and -1 foot above the person. he faces the person. he leans 90 degrees to the front. a 5th person is -1 foot right of and behind the person. she faces right. she is -5.5 feet above the boxing ring.. a 6th person is right of the person. he faces left. he leans back. it is night. a gold light is above and in front of the 1st person. a baby blue light is above and right of the 2nd person. a huge silver wall is left of the boxing ring. it faces right.
zamchick (1/4/2021) 
love the crowd diver
mohapn15 (1/4/2021) 
This is great, love the use of shadows to complete the image!
KAWE (1/4/2021) 
nheiges (1/4/2021) 
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