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First Orange Golf Course On the Moon

Input text: 
Ground is 150 feet wide [crater]. [Space] sky is 20% dark and purple. Sky is leaning left. Huge Earth is 10 feet above an invisible alien. A silver golf cart is 20 feet behind the alien. Camera light is black. A light is above and 20 feet right of earth. Azimuth of the sun is 230 degrees. Sun is orange. Trump is 4 feet right of the cart. A small [usa] pole is 30 feet in front of trump.
127 (Created on: IOS)
nheiges (1/6/2021) 

Love the orange light! Could we put him on the far side, though?
KAWE (1/7/2021) 
a very suitable place in principle, but he would claim the moon was his property
Nanook (1/7/2021) 
Great scene and appropriate responses!
hedgehog1965 (1/9/2021) 

Just to make it clear where he shouldn’t play...
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