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gold lip is 1.4 feet above ground. garden lattice is -2 inch behind lip and 0.1 inch in ground. garden lattice's lattice is shiny anthracite gray. shiny big black currant head is -0.4 foot in front of lip and 2.75 foot above ground. big pistachio green hand is 10 inch in front of head and 1 inch to right. hand is -0.2 foot above head. hand is upside down. hand is facing back. hand is leaning 45 degrees to right. 3 foot wide lavender python is -2 inch above lip and -0.1 inch in front of garden lattice. python is leaning 90 degrees to front. 3 foot long rock is -0.1 foot in front of garden lattice and 24 inch in ground. rock is [texture]. orchid is -1.1 foot left of rock and 1 inch in rock. orchid's vase is 0.5 foot wide [texture]. ground is 20 foot wide 20% reflective [water]. 40 foot wide circle is -20 foot left of garden lattice and 0.01 inch in ground. circle is -15 foot to back. circle is 5 foot wide [texture]. 40 foot long [texture] croissant is -14 foot behind circle and 7 foot in ground. 8.2 foot tall dark palm tree is 4.2 foot left of garden lattice. 4.8 foot tall man is -0.1 foot in front of palm tree and -0.9 foot to right. man is facing northeast. 3.2 foot tall woman is 0.5 foot left of garden lattice and 6 foot to back. big pale blossom is -0.5 foot in front of woman and 0.5 foot in ground. blossom is -0.7 foot to left. 0.7 foot wide silver sphere is 1 inch in blossom. 15 foot long black galleon is 70 foot behind croissant and 1 foot in ground. galleon is -5 foot to left. galleon is facing southwest. sun is midnight blue. camera light is heather lilac. ambient light is iceland blue. old gold light is 3 foot in front of head. shiny crown is -26 inch in front of rock and -1.7 foot to right. crown is 0.2 inch above ground. crown is leaning 15 degrees to left. big snipe is -0.1 foot right of garden lattice and 5 foot to back. snipe is facing southeast.
Nanook (2021) 
This scene like many of your scenes brings to mind a 'Found Object Sculpture' with a touch of 'Spirit Box Sculpture', nice!
hedgehog1965 (2021) 
Great composition and nice quality of light
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