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a carving. fish is -2 inch above carving. fish is facing southeast. fish is leaning 85 degrees to right. mauve 2.6 foot tall compass is -1 inch right of carving. compass is facing right. 3.2 foot tall bordeaux wine mauve sun symbol is -3 inch in front of carving. ground is shiny pond green. 6 foot tall white first mannequin is 3.5 foot behind carving. mannequin is facing up. mannequin is facing right. small arrow is 2 inch in fish. arrow is leaning 90 degrees to front. 6 foot tall clear second mannequin is 1.3 foot above first mannequin and -5 foot to left. second mannequin is facing down. 2 foot long shiny key is -0.5 foot behind first mannequin and 4.2 foot to left. key is facing southeast. small shiny midnight blue moon symbol is -0.1 inch behind key and -3 inch to right. pale hedge is 3 foot behind first mannequin. big wood wagon wheel is 2 inch right of carving and -1 foot to back. wagon wheel is leaning 90 degrees to right. huge shiny black wall clock is -0.5 feet behind wagon wheel and -0.5 foot to left. wall clock is leaning 90 degrees to back. wall clock is -0.01 inch in ground. first small [texture] snake is -3 foot in front of wall clock and -0.2 foot to right. snake is facing southwest. snake is 0.1 inch in ground. second 1.7 foot long [texture] snake is 0.5 foot behind first snake and 7.5 foot to left. second snake is facing mannequin. sun is anthracite gray. camera light is bordeaux wine mauve. pistachio green light is above arrow. sun is 50% wildness.
KAWE (2021) 
nheiges (2021) 
love this!
cemurp (2021) 
your scenes are so obscenely good
hedgehog1965 (2021) 
Great composition!
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