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I need a bell, a book, and a candle
to keep your ghost away

Input text: 
a wood table is on a carpet. an [old] wall is behind the table. a bed is .25 feet right of the table. it is in front of the wall. the carpet is in front of the wall. a book is on and -1 feet right of the table.camera light is black. sun's azimuth is 180 degrees. the headboard of the bed is [wood]. the bedsheet of the bed is brown. the comforter of the bed is peach. a candle is on the book. a shiny bell is left of the book. a 4.5 foot tall woman is -1.55 feet above and -2 feet left of the bed. she faces left. she leans 85 degrees to the right. a 3 foot wide and .5 foot tall and 1 foot deep brown egg is -.75 foot behind and -.75 foot beneath the woman. a 8 foot tall curtain faces right. it is -.5 feet in front of and -.2 feet right of the wall. an 8 foot tall window faces left. it is right of the curtain. 2d ground is invisible. sky leans to the left. a tiny old gold light is 3 feet above the table.
##HD #song 
cemurp (1/11/2021) 
has the feeling of a still in a music video
watcher570 (1/12/2021) 
nice scene!
nheiges (1/12/2021) 
zamchick (1/18/2021) 
no rest for the haunted!
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