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Greener Grass

Input text: 
item. ground is beige. a [concrete] floor is in front of and -2.45 feet above the item. a 1 foot tall person is on and -.5 feet behind the floor. the person faces back. a 1.1 foot tall llama is .5 foot behind and -.05 foot left of the person. the llama faces the person. sun is linen. a linen light is above the llama.
Sharpen, Saturation
Nanook (1/16/2021) 
How cool is that...the item makes a perfect fence!!!
nheiges (1/16/2021) 
Thanks! I didn't have any ideas today, but typing "item" got me started :-)
zamchick (1/18/2021) 
All hail to the item!
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