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Saturday Morning Cartoons

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a small tv. its screen is silver. a wall is behind and -6 feet above the tv. the wall is .5 foot tall [wood]. a dark beige carpet is under the tv. ground is invisible. the carpet faces left. a tiny person is -1 foot in front of and .001 foot above the carpet. the person faces the tv. the shirt of the person is white. a tiny cat is right of the person. the cat faces the tv. it is noon. a 1st 3.25 foot tall peach puff curtain is .3 feet right of the tv. a 2nd 3.25 foot tall peach puff curtain is .3 feet left of the tv. a tiny light is 5 feet above and in front of and right of the person. camera light is black. ambient light is peach puff. a .2 foot tall horse is .1 foot left of the person. it faces southwest. a .2 foot tall cowboy is in front of and -.1 foot right of the horse. he leans back. a .25 foot tall barn faces right. it is left of the horse.
Sharpen, Sharpen
💰house cat
hedgehog1965 (2021) 
Spent a lot of time like this on Saturday mornings (with our cat, Major)... especially after we got a colour TV in 1974
KAWE (2021) 
watcher570 (2021) 
Nanook (2021) 
Yep, there I was :-)
nheiges (2021) 
And my mom is just out of view saying, "Don't sit so close to the screen! You'll ruin your eyes!"
Nanook (2021) 
Oh how that rings true :-DD
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