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the well

Input text: 
a well. sun is old gold. ambient light is lagoon turquoise. [texture] woman is -0.5 foot left of well and -0.2 foot to front. woman is facing well. camera light is pond green. a [texture] man is right of well. 2.8 foot tall [texture] boy is 2 foot in front of man and -1.3 foot to right. boy is facing man. 9 foot tall and 3 foot wide gray ionic column is 6 foot behind man and 2.8 foot to right. gold 2 foot wide sphere is 6 inch above ionic column. transparent tiny cube is 5 feet in front of ionic column and -0.6 foot to left. ionic column is facing cube. silver javelin is -2.3 foot right of woman and -0.91 foot behind woman. javelin is upside down. javelin is leaning 40 degrees to right. 3.5 foot long pale animal is -1.3 foot right of javelin and -1.9 foot in front of javelin. animal is -10 inch above ground. animal is facing up. animal is leaning 55 degrees to back. silver crown is -1.8 foot right of well and -0.3 foot to front. crown is facing southeast. crown is leaning 55 degrees to front. gray 10.5 foot tall arbor is 8 foot behind woman and -10.4 foot to right. gray 20 foot long and 2 foot tall castle wall is -1.5 foot right of arbor and -0.1 foot behind arbor. 40 foot wide floor is -1 foot in front of wall and -15 foot to left. floor is 1 inch in ground. floor is 20% reflective 5 foot wide [stone]. ground is 20 foot wide [texture]. saddle brown light is 1 foot in front of well and 5.5 foot above ground. dark witch hazel is 7 foot in well. 0.8 foot tall white heart is -1.15 foot above witch hazel and -1 inch to front. pale harpy eagle is -2 inch above well. small gold laurel wreath is -0.4 foot above woman and -2.85 foot to right. laurel wreath is facing down. laurel wreath is facing well.
mohapn15 (1/21/2021) 
Wow, stunning!
Nanook (1/21/2021) 
The sacrificial fox.....
hedgehog1965 (1/21/2021) 
Very nice!
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