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Is It Because I Lied When I Was Seventeen?

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Restaurant backdrop. A 75% dark wooden mannequin. A long wooden carrot is -1.1 foot above and -3 feet in front of and -2.65 feet right of the mannequin. It is leaning 110 degrees to the back. A tree is behind and -15 feet right of the mannequin. It is -2 feet above the ground. Camera light is black. A light is left of the mannequin.
122 (Created on: IOS)
nheiges (1/28/2021) 
That's why it always rains on you. :-)
Nanook (1/29/2021) 
Everybody's saying everything's all right...still I can't close my eyes
zamchick (1/29/2021) 
KAWE (1/29/2021) 
nice illustration of that song
hedgehog1965 (1/31/2021) 
Thanks :-)
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