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Soft sleep at the half moon

Input text: 
a 150 inch tall malachite green flat blinds.sky is petrol blue.ground is invisible.a 1st 40 inch tall flat 80% dim white sphere is 10 inch behind the blinds.the string of the blinds is malachite green.a 70% dim blue bed is in front of the blinds.the bed is facing southeast.the 1st sphere is -110 inch above the blinds.a 50 inch tall black woman is -4 inch above the bed.the woman leans 95 degrees to north.the woman is upside down.the woman is facing northwest.a 50% dim violet light is 5 inch in front of the woman.a 20 inch tall black violet is -80.5 inch right of the bed.the violet is facing southeast.a 2nd 40 inch tall flat 5% dim petrol blue dull sphere is -25 inch left of the 1st sphere.the 2nd sphere is behind the blinds.the 2nd sphere is 0.1 inch in front of the 1st sphere.
Sharpen, Despeckle, Saturation
nheiges (2/4/2021) 
coyne (2/5/2021) 
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