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Actual Dorm Room
But unrealistically tidy.

Input text: 
ground is tile. a 1st big gray wall. a desk is in front of the wall. a 2nd big gray wall faces left. it is right of the desk.a 7 foot deep and 3 foot tall and 3.5 foot wide [pattern] bed is left of the desk. a 3 foot tall boy is on the bed. a navy pillow is behind and -3 feet above the boy. a pizza box is in front of the boy. a big red cup is -2 foot above and -2 feet right of and -5 feet in front of the desk. a 3 foot tall person is sitting on the ground. she faces left. he is left of the second wall. she is in front of the bed. a beer bottle is left of her. a [fantasy] painting is in front of the 1st wall. it is above and right of the boy. it is night. a tiny light is 5 feet in front of and above and 20 feet left of the person.
Other object credits:
Scene credits:
Agony (Scene)
desk (Vignette)
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