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Let Them Eat Cake...I'm Goin' to Cancun

Input text: 
a suitcase faces back. it leans 28 degrees to the back. a man is -.37 feet left of and -1.8 feet in front of the suitcase. a ted head is -1 feet above and in front of and -2 feet left of the man. backdrop is airport. a 1.6 feet tall cake is 3.9 feet left of and .7 feet behind and -5.8 feet above the man. a 6 inch tall and 2.5 feet long and .1 inch deep black plank is 1 feet above the man. it leans 16 degrees to the right. the 3.3 inch tall "CANCUN" is -9.2 inch above and .1 inch in front of the plank. the "CANCUN" leans 17 degrees to the right. a 3 feet tall bernie is 4.3 feet left of and 5 feet behind and -6.4 feet above the man. it leans 8 degrees to the back. a [basket]sombrero is -.6 feet above the ted head. it leans 12 degrees to the back. a very large copper faucet is 12 feet left of and -2 feet above and 4 feet behind the man. it faces left. a 6.4 feet long and 6 inch wide clear white eel is -7.7 feet above and .17 feet left of the faucet. it leans 90 degrees to the front. sun is sea blue. a light is 1 inch in front of the faucet. a tiny orange light is on the bernie
Brightness, Sharpen, Sharpen
Scene credits:
coyne (2/19/2021) 
Great scene :-) Funny, I just heard about this story this morning!
KAWE (2/19/2021) 
Maybe Ted Cruz should stay in Mexico
nheiges (2/19/2021) 
Well done!! Great take on embarrassing (or should be) story!
Nanook (2/20/2021) 
Thanks all. Well not one of my proudest moments as a born and raised, but he can't claim that heritage either (birther issue...hhmmm I wonder).
nheiges (2/20/2021) 
I meant only that he - not Texans - should feel embarrassed. I'm hearing about issues with clean water now, what a hardship. Although it sounds like more people are getting their power back on at least. Are you and all your family doing okay?
Nanook (2/21/2021) 
@nheiges I never thought you meant anything other than that 'he' should be ashamed I assure you. I was inferring that he was an embarrassment to anyone who is actually a Texan by birth ergo the 'birther comment' I made. Please know that I think I know you and you're position on these matters and am pleased that we share a lot of ideals. We are doing well and have been blessed. We are on well water and fortunately never lost power. Others in my family in other areas did have power loss and boil water issues. It has been a rough week for all of Texas and there are many who have failed their offices and I expect have much to answer for. Thank you for your concern. :-) and YES he should be embarrassed!
nheiges (2/21/2021) 
Thanks for the reassurance :-) It's hard to be sure how words come across sometimes without tone of voice to clarify! I'm really glad that you and Mr. Nanook haven't been affected and hope your family members are getting their lives back to normal now.
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