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first course

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white hand. hand's nail is wildness. hand is facing back. hand is upside down. hand is leaning 65 degrees to left. hand is 0.1 foot above 0.35 foot wide plate. plate is 0.35 foot wide [texture]. plate is on small clear table. small summer rain blue clam is -0.32 foot above hand and -4.8 inch to left. clam is leaning 45 degrees to left. 0.35 foot tall flower is 3 inch in clam and -3 inch to left. flower is -0.6 inch to front. flower is facing right. flower is leaning 45 degrees to back. very tiny pale group is -2 inch behind clam and -2 inch to right. group is leaning 45 degrees to left. group is -2.5 inch above clam. silver tiny fork is on plate and -2 inch to right. fork is facing northeast. fork is leaning 25 degrees to back. small plum prawn is -4 inch right of fork and 0.1 inch in plate. prawn is -0.5 inch to front. prawn is facing left. prawn is leaning 180 degrees to back. 0.5 foot wide pale seagull is 7.7 inch above plate. seagull is facing back. tiny human is -1 inch left of table and 3 inch to back. human is facing northeast. 3.2 foot tall clear powder blue stair is 25 inch behind human and -9 inch to left. stair is facing left. stair is 5.25 inches above ground. 1.5 foot tall garden lattice is 25 inch behind table and 10 inch to right. garden lattice's frame is shiny black. garden lattice's lattice is shiny petrol blue. 1 foot tall shiny petrol blue swinging gate is -0.3 inch above garden lattice and -1.1 foot to left. ground is 0.5 foot wide 15% reflective [texture]. 4 foot wide and 4 foot deep floor is 8 foot behind table and 4 inch to left. floor is 1.3 inch in ground. floor is 0.5 foot wide [grass]. 3 foot wide clear powder blue spiral balloon is 1 inch in floor. 1.5 foot tall sand gold easter island statue is 1 inch in spiral balloon. 1.5 foot tall shiny sand gold vase is 2 foot behind garden lattice and -4 inch to right.
Nanook (2021) 
breaking the fast :-)
zamchick (2021) 
these would make excellent posters at HDx2!
KAWE (2021) 
dear tane69,what I want to say,your scenes are really great examples of metaphoric art, I like that much
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