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A Perfect Planet

Input text: 
Nature backdrop. A bear is in a boat. It is leaning back. A 1.2 foot high image-15811 photo is 5 feet in front of and -2.4 feet above the bear. It is leaning back. Camera light is brown. A light is in front of and above the boat. A red light is right of and above the boat. Sun is amber.
##HD #davidattenborough 
nheiges (3/3/2021) 
I love this! Is that your drawing?
coyne (3/3/2021) 
very serene!
Nanook (3/4/2021) 
You know I can't not like this :-)
hedgehog1965 (3/4/2021) 
@nheiges Yes, recent one of mine - we’re a bit of an artsy house here; the other night the 4 of us decided to sit and sketch rather than watch telly :-)
nheiges (3/4/2021) 
Sounds like a perfect family evening :-)
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