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After the Rain

Input text: 
the [fog] backdrop. a deer is 0 feet above the ground. he faces north. A deer is 5 foot east of him. A small 1 inch tall 20% dark shiny [grass] lake is 10 feet north of him. A fox is 10 feet west of him and 5 feet north of him. He faces southeast. Camera light is black. Sun's altitude is 135 degrees.
Scene credits:
coyne (3/3/2021) 
nheiges (3/3/2021) 
This might be the best one yet! I'm really liking your nature/wildlife scenes.
Nanook (3/4/2021) 
ditto! and ditto that!
hedgehog1965 (3/4/2021) 
Yes a lot of atmosphere in these. I’m liking the stags, and the Scottish weather :-)
KAWE (3/4/2021) 
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