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Spring Will Come Soon

Input text: 
a dull ink blue .3 foot tall cup is .05 foot in a small dull table. a 2 foot tall white window is behind and -.65 foot above the table. sky. a flat white 2.2 foot tall and 2.1 foot wide flat arch is -.1 foot in front of the window. sun's azimuth is 180 degrees. a .2 foot tall bird is -.01 feet above and -.175 foot left of the cup. the bird faces right. a .3 foot tall person is sitting -.02 feet right of the cup. the person is above the table. a .2 foot tall chair is -.05 feet behind the person. camera light is black. a tiny light is 2 feet right of and above the bird. backdrop is city. a tiny baby blue light is -.1 feet above the cup. sky is white
Saturation, Saturation, Contrast, Cracked paint, Brightness
💰coffee cup
Scene credits:
arch,arc (Vignette)
Nanook (3/6/2021) 
Such a positive note :-)
coyne (3/6/2021) 
I'm eagerly waiting for it!
KAWE (3/6/2021) 
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