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The confidence gap

Input text: 
a green backdrop.a 100 inch tall 80% dim red couch.a 100 inch tall blue man is -95 inch above the couch.the man is -30 inch in front of the couch.the man is -83 inch left of the couch.a 100 inch tall yellow woman is 20 inch right of the man.sun is yellow.a 1st 26 inch tall flat sky blue sphere is in front of the man.the 1st sphere is -27 inch above the man.a 2nd 26 inch tall flat yellow sphere is 33 inch right of the 1st sphere.a 15 inch tall black "!" is in front of the 1st sphere.the "!" is -18 inch above the 1st sphere.a 15 inch tall black "?" is 53 inch right of the "!".
nheiges (3/22/2021) 
I was reading an article about this not long ago. Nice depiction.
mohapn15 (3/24/2021) 
This is a fascinating topic, I actually bought the book after seeing this lol...Wonderful work!
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