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House Special

Input text: 
a 30% shiny gold insect. a 1st .5 foot tall straight pin faces right. It leans 90 degrees to the back. it is -.05 feet above and -.15 feet left of the insect. a 2nd .5 foot tall straight pin faces right. it leans 90 degrees to the back. it is -.09 foot above the straight pin. a victim is -.7 foot right of and -5.6 feet above the insect. he faces the insect. camera light is dim. backdrop is restaurant. ground is invisible. sun's azimuth is 0 degrees. a tan light is in front of and -1 foot above the victim.
Other object credits:
Nanook (3/10/2021) 
I hear they're quite delicious, great scene!!
nheiges (3/11/2021) 
Thanks! I was reading about cricket flour - I think I would have no trouble eating an insect that no longer looks like an insect. Not sure I could handle a whole one though!
Nanook (3/11/2021) 
Ha Ha, I guess the fried crickets are quite popular for a high protein snack in Mexico and other countries.
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