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a 1st deer is 5.3 feet in the ground.its antler is white. a marble is in front of the deer. a 2nd deer faces back. its antler is white. it is in front of the marble. a 3rd deer faces right. its antler is white. it is left of the marble. a 4th deer faces left. its antler is white. it is right of the marble. it is night. a light is 20 feet left of and above the deer. an apple is -1 foot above and 2 feet in front of the 1st deer.
Contrast, Saturation
KAWE (3/22/2021) 
Nanook (3/22/2021) 
Oh Deer
Got no scraps 'round these parts. :-)

Couldn't resist...thanks for the idea :-)
Nanook (3/22/2021) 
I like the complex simplicity of your scene!
nheiges (3/22/2021) 
Great reply!
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