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High-Density Living

Input text: 
a lamppost. sun is linen. ambient light is linen. a .15 foot tall flat black person is -1.5 feet above and .5 foot right of and -.1 foot in front of the lamppost. the person faces back. camera light is black.
KAWE (3/22/2021) 
very clever made
nheiges (3/22/2021) 
Nanook (3/22/2021) 
I'm afraid I couldn't handle that lifestyle, I need wide open ranges :-))
mohapn15 (3/22/2021) 
Oh woah, I had to click into your scene to see how you did this, very impressive craftsmanship!
nheiges (3/22/2021) 
Thank you @mohapn15! @Nanook, I don't think I would cope very well either! Maybe when I was young, but now I'm used to a lot of peace and quiet :-)
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