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The Shape Of Things To Come

Input text: 
a silver hexagon leans 68 degrees to the southwest. it is 4 inch in the ground. 1st large silver star is 3 feet behind and right of the hexagon. it leans 87 degrees to the southeast. it faces east. it is -3 inch above the ground. 2nd shiny copper star is 1 feet left of and in front of the hexagon. it is 4 inch in the ground. it leans 84 degrees to the front. a large silver diamond is 4 feet behind the hexagon. it leans 77 degrees to the front. a huge silver pentagon is 3 feet behind and .6 feet left of the 2nd star. it faces southeast. it leans 47 degrees to the southwest. 3rd huge silver star is 4 feet behind and -.5 feet left of the diamond. it is .6 feet above the leans 100 degrees to the front. a large silver octagon is 2 feet in front of the 3rd star. it leans 30 degrees to the back it is on the ground. ground is shiny. the azimuth of the sun is 120 degrees. the altitude of the sun is 68 degrees. the camera light is dim. a seagull is -2 feet above and -7.6 feet in front of and -4 feet right of the pentagon. it faces right. it leans back. a large snail is 1 feet right of and 4 inch in front of the is on the ground. it faces the left. a sage green light is on the snail.
Contrast, Sharpen, Sharpen
zamchick (3/28/2021) 
Such interesting forms!
nheiges (3/28/2021) 
Nice! You got a lot of variety in the reflections - I had to open it up to see how.
Nanook (3/28/2021) 
thanks :-)
tane69 (3/28/2021) 
I love this
Nanook (3/29/2021) 
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