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A Day at the Beach

Input text: 
a 1st robot faces southeast. ground is [mountain]. it is noon. a tall shiny umbrella is right of the robot. a 4 foot deep white lounge chair is .5 feet right of the umbrella. a 2nd robot is -1.75 foot above the chair. a 3rd lavender blush robot is 1 foot in front of and .5 feet left of the chair. it faces southwest. a beach ball is 4 feet behind and -.5 feet right of the 1st robot. a pig robot is left of the robot.
Saturation, Illustration
zamchick (2021) 
Ah, such a scene of tranquility :-)
mohapn15 (2021) 
This is great! Love the aesthetic!
coyne (2021) 
the illustration effect and painted sky work great with this!
nheiges (2021) 
thank you all!
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