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you've betrayed me.

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the ground is black and shiny. There is a 1st very large clear red skull. the 1st skull leans 90 degrees to the back. the 1st skull is 1.8 foot in the ground. There is a 2nd very large shiny red skull. the 2nd skull leans 90 degrees to the back. the 2nd skull is 2.4 foot in the 1st skull. a 1 inch tall woman is 2 foot to the right of the skull. the woman is on the ground. the woman is facing the skull. a very large eye is 5 inches above the skull. the eye is facing the woman. the eye leans 35 degrees to the front. a large gold light is above the skull. the camera light is gold. the ambient light is gold. the sun is red. a very large white light is above the woman. there is a sun symbol 1.5 feet in the eye. the sun symbol is facing the woman.
Saturation, Saturation, Saturation, Contrast, Normalize, Contrast, Saturation, Contrast, Contrast
mohapn15 (3/30/2021) 
This is phenomenal!
nheiges (3/30/2021) 
Wow!! Amazing!
zamchick (3/31/2021) 
Nanook (3/31/2021) 
fantastic, I have to say it's quite different from your former style and btw it's always great to see you back. :-)
tane69 (4/1/2021) 
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