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a fountain. fountain is 1.5 foot wide stone. fountain's water is lettuce heart green. 25 foot wide telephone pole is 10 foot behind fountain and 8 foot in ground. telephone pole is -22 foot right of fountain. telephone pole faces fountain. telephone pole's pole is shiny anthracite gray. stone cherub is 5 inch in fountain and -2.6 foot to back. cherub is -4 foot to left. cherub's wing is stone. cherub's hair is stone. cherub faces southeast. cherub leans 30 degrees to front. 1.5 foot tall stone lion is -1.2 foot right of cherub and -2.2 foot to front. lion is 3 inch in fountain. lion faces left. lion leans 22 degrees to right. 9 foot long anthracite gray rope is 12.8 feet in telephone pole and -8 feet to right. rope is facing up. rope is leaning 90 degrees to right. 4 foot tall 25% reflective raspberry mauve phone booth is -8 foot left of telephone pole and -1 foot to front. phone booth is 0.1 inch in ground. phone booth is facing up. phone booth is facing back. man is -1 feet in front of rope and 11 feet in rope. . man is facing back. man is leaning 25 degrees to front. first small [stone] condominium is 7 foot behind telephone pole and 8.5 foot to left. condominium is 1 inch in ground. tiny clear [texture] sphere is 10 foot right of condominium and 8 foot to back. condominium is facing sphere. second small [stone] condominium is 8 foot behind telephone pole and -18 foot to right. condominium is 1 inch in ground. tiny clear cube is 10 foot left of condominium and 4 foot to front. condominium is facing cube. ground is 10 foot wide [texture]. small castle is 200 feet behind fountain and 43 feet to left. castle is [stone]. castle is 11 feet in ground. castle leans 6 degrees to right. sun is spicy gold. ambient light is thyme green. camera light is wildness. big pale african violet is 2 foot left of fountain and 2.5 foot to back. petrol blue light is 1 foot above fountain and 1 foot to front. big hammer is 2 foot right of fountain and 4.5 foot to back
zamchick (2021) 
great scene!
Nanook (2021) 
a very action filled scene. I like the way the castle draws your eyes all the way to the back of the scene.
nheiges (2021) 
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