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A Sticky Situation

Input text: 
a woman is on a sidewalk. 1st .3 inch tall and 3 inch wide and 4 inch deep flaming pink octopus is -.2 feet behind and -.38 feet left of and -5.5 feet above the woman. 2nd 3.5 inch tall and 1.7 inch deep and 1.5 inch wide flamingo pink octopus is -.5 inch above and -3.5 inch behind the 1st octopus. it is upside down. it leans to the front. 3rd .5 inch tall and 2.6 inch wide and 2 inch deep flamingo pink octopus is 2.2 inch above and -3 inch in front of the 1st octopus. it leans 30 degrees to the front. it is upside down. a azalea pink light is 1 inch above the 1st octopus. 4th 3 inch tall and 1 inch deep and .7 inch wide flamingo pink octopus is -3 inch above the 2nd octopus. camera light is shell beige. sun's azimuth is 65 degrees. the sun's altitude is 48 degrees
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nheiges (4/12/2021) 
coyne (4/13/2021) 
clever use of models!
mohapn15 (4/13/2021) 
Love this! Such a smart way to create the gum!
zamchick (4/15/2021) 
sooo clever!
hedgehog1965 (4/17/2021) 
Really captures that urgh feeling!
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