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Our two brains

Input text: 
a 100 inch tall shiny brain.backdrop is maroon.a 40 inch tall rabbit is -50 inch above the brain.the rabbit is -10 inch left of the brain.a 18 inch tall shiny turtle is 2 inch in front of the rabbit.the rabbit is -110 inch in front of the brain.body of the turtle is shiny petrol blue.the turtle is facing the rabbit.sky is malachite green. two blue lights are above the rabbit.
Sharpen, Saturation, Contrast
nheiges (4/17/2021) 
this sent me to Google - very interesting read about the "hare brain and tortoise mind" view of creativity!
Nanook (4/17/2021) 
I'll have to check it out :-) I like the image!
coyne (4/23/2021) 
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