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Nonetheless very happy to get the vaccine!

Input text: 
steamroller is on the ground. a professor leans 70 degrees to the front. it is -3 feet in front of and -10 feet above the steamroller. a boy is -7 feet above the steamroller. ground is shiny pavement. sun is linen. a white "2nd Shot" is 1 foot above the steamroller.
Scene credits:
steamroller (Vignette)
KAWE (4/17/2021) 
Nanook (4/17/2021) 
My symptoms on the second dose weren't too bad, a slight headache and kind of woosie feeling the next day.
nheiges (4/17/2021) 
I'm glad you got it easy! There is really a wide range among people I know. My husband and I were both totally flattened - but only for a day.
Nanook (4/17/2021) 
Yeah, I've heard a lot of different outcomes. I just hope I got a good response antibody wise :-)
zamchick (4/22/2021) 
Been there, felt that!
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