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I thought we’d be alone
What do you see in a campfire? Answer in this thread with our new campsite models.

Input text: 
The tent is in the forest. The campfire is 3 feet in front of the tent. The 1st sleeping bag is in front of the tent. It is facing left. The 2nd sleeping bag is to the right and -2 feet in front of the 1st sleeping bag. The mosquito is to the right and behind the 2nd sleeping bag. It is facing left. It is 8 feet tall. The woman is in the first sleeping bag. She is facing front. A man is 2 inches in the 2nd sleeping bag. He is facing left. The small flame is 4 inches in the campfire. The lantern is -1.5 feet to the left and 6 inches in front of the 1st sleeping bag.
##HD #campfire 
💰sleeping bag
💰sleeping bag
Scene credits:
fire,flame (Vignette)
KAWE (4/24/2021) 
nheiges (4/27/2021) 

zamchick (4/28/2021) 
I like when they burn a little :-)
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