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Climate Change Romance

Input text: 
a grizzly bear. a 5 foot tall polar bear is in front of the grizzly bear. it faces back. a small heart is -.4 feet above and -.3 feet in front of the grizzly bear. it faces right. ambient light is sea mist blue. camera light is black.
Cracked paint, Contrast, Contrast
jarble (4/30/2021) 
Nanook (4/30/2021) 
There was a story when I lived in Alaska that a bear bore the makings of a polar/grizzley, I can't say for sure it was ever confirmed but it was definitely interesting.
nheiges (5/1/2021) 
Thanks, @jarble - that was the same story I saw, and I meant to post the link. Apparently it is a real thing, @Nanook!
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