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Cats are mysterious

Input text: 
a gray [ak] backdrop.a 100 inch tall gray bakeneko.the eye of the bakeneko is green.a 1st 100 inch tall house cat is -10 inch left of the bakeneko.the eye of the 1st house cat is yellow.the 1st house cat is facing southeast.the 1st house cat is -120 inch above the bakeneko.a 2nd 100 inch tall house cat is 80 inch right of the 1st house cat.the iris of the 2nd house cat is white.the 2nd house cat is -80 inch above the 1st house cat.
Hue, Contrast, Saturation, Canvas texture, Cracked paint, Sharpen, Hue, Invert
💰house cat
nheiges (5/12/2021) 
yes, they are :-)
Nanook (5/13/2021) 
Of that I am certain!!
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