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Cultural Appropriation

Input text: 
a 2 foot tall flat white wall. a window is -.1 foot above the wall. a 5.3 foot tall and 14 foot wide aquamarine curtain is in front of the window. a 2 foot tall table is in front of the wall. a flamingo lamp is on and -2.25 feet right of the table. a flamingo is 4 feet behind and right of the lamp. it faces southwest. 3 fuschia lights are south of and east of and above the flamingo. sun is white. backdrop is [palm].sky is white. sun's azimuth is 90 degrees. shadow plane is invisible.
Saturation, Contrast
Nanook (5/14/2021) 
I had the opportunity to see flamingos in their natural habitat in Celestun, Mexico some years back they're such beautiful and fascinating birds. https://yucatanmagazine.com/flamingos-in-celestun-are-in-the-pink/
nheiges (5/14/2021) 
They're just gorgeous - thanks for sharing the article!
coyne (5/17/2021) 
great scene and title
nheiges (5/17/2021) 
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