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Excuse me, I hate to interrupt, but my car is over there
on the other side of the bridge. . .

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A 1.5 foot high shiny television is on a table. It is facing southeast. Azimuth of the sun is 0 degrees. A chair is right of and -6 inch in front of the table. It is facing the table. A woman is sitting in the chair. She is facing the television. Camera light is black. 4 dim cream lights are above and right of and in front of the television. A vase is left of the television. A glass is 8 inch right of the television. A 40% dark rug is in front of the table. A cat is on the rug. It is facing the woman. A large 50% dark navy bird is on the vase. It is facing east. The chair is -0.5 inch above the ground. Ground is invisible. Path backdrop. A bottle is left of and behind the glass. a man faces the chair. he is 3 feet in front of and 1 foot left of the chair.
💰siamese cat
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